Pretty In Pink Earring

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 Pretty In Pink Earring Tutorial

Pretty In Pink Earrings

Love the simplicity of these Earrings. It allows the beads to stand out and make a statement.

Very easy to DIY and you will fall in-love with them just as I did. They drop 6.5cm depending on the beads you would use. I do have a few kits available but you can use similar beads that you have in your stash. 

The Material you will need;

Material needed for the Pretty In Pink Earrings


2 Tube beads  -  8mm x 20mm ( these in the kit are glass faceted tubes )

2 Flower beads - 15mm x 10mm ( these in the kit are white glass flower beads )

2 Glass beads - 12mm ( these in the kit are sulphur glass beads with silver lining )

2 Head Pins - 4cm ( the ones in the kit are sterling silver ball Head Pins )

2 Eye Pins - 4cm ( the ones in the kit are sterling silver Eye Pins )

1 Pair Ear Hooks - (the ones in the kit are Sterling Silver Ear Hooks )

Add head pins and eye pins and bend wire.

1- Add the Head pins to the 12mm beads and the flower, bend 90 degrees angle and trim to under 1 cm. Use your round nose pliers and bend to a loop.

2- Add the Eye pins to the tube bead and do the same as step 1.


Made a loop at the ends.

3- With your chain pliers open one loop and thread it through the other loop. This will join the tube bead and the 12mm with flower component.



Join the two together

4- Almost done ) Now open the hook loop with your chain pliers add the earring component and you are ready to enjoy your new creation. 


Finished Pretty In Pink Earrings

Note: When you are opening your links or loops do not pull them apart, just twist it 45 degrees to give you an opening to thread your other components.

I really hope you have lots of fun creating your new earrings and a lot more fun wearing them.

The kit can be found in the findings section at

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Please give credit to the artist for this design and link to her website if you post pictures on the Internet.

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