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Introducing The Litsa Collection

This collection is created in Honour of my beautiful Mum, Even though she was battling Dementia for over 7 years she still loved her jewellery and was proud and happy as a child to wear my creations and inspire me. 

Dementia is affecting so many people and their families now. With more knowledge now it is getting a little easier to manage but still is a very hard and testing period for all that are going through it. (my thoughts and prayers are with you all)


Mum was a very Classy Lady with the old beautiful Classy Traits, she wore no makeup but always looked beautiful.

"Just Me" clip-on earrings

The "Just Me" design of the clip-on earrings is Just Her is what she loved - she would have worn them with her Sunday outfit a little bit of lipstick and she looked a million bucks.



Celebrating all that you were! Love You!! 

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