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 Kalitheo jewellery is a combination of modern-day artistry, glamour and strength.. Aspiring to creating versatile jewellery pieces that can be worn every day, worn on any social event or special occasion. Each piece of jewellery is adorned with love and care in its creation and embedded with a piece of my soul.

All my life I've always been creative and artistic by nature, a trait inherited from my parents, mainly my dad. He was a pottery maker in my grandfathers little studio, in Greece.

Now I live in Sydney, Australia with my sons, I work from my home studio, which is where I create all my pieces of jewellery. As a self taught jewellery artisan I have passionately studied many techniques, beading and wire works have resided in my heart, that is apparent in my designs. That is how Kalitheo Jewellery was born.

Every morning of my adult life began with a pair of earrings. Self-expression of emotion and jewellery was my secret weapon that fuelled my strength as a single mother. As many women have had their struggles, I endured mine. 

Making jewellery gave me purpose again. I wanted other women to feel my same sense of empowerment.  My beautiful mother as my muse, and my greatest inspiration.

I am so grateful and feel so blessed for being able to wake up each morning and do what I am so passionate about and love. I am inspired by everything around me, the sky, nature, flowers, a walk on the beach, but mostly by the people around me, my family.

This love of creating has also become my passion! Creating beaded and Handcrafted Jewellery. In the process of my jewellery making, I started making my own jewellery findings as I was not able to find what I was looking for. I am happy in offer my handmade jewellery findings to other creative souls, they are available for purchase in my shop.

Now having the experience and a vast range of techniques I dream to inspire and help others along their creative journey.

Please enjoy browsing through my shop.


Owner, Designer and creator at Kalitheo Jewellery



Casula, NSW. 2170, Australia


Kali Theo 
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I am  more than happy to accommodate your requests, and  help you customise a design you like in my shop. I always respond within hours. 

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