Unique Handmade Gemstone Jewellery


 Jewellery is the final piece to the Puzzle when creating your ideal outfits.

Kali Theo presents you with Unique Handmade Jewellery inspired and designed for TODAYS' WOMAN! distinctive, empowering, individual and Glamorous

All the Jewellery are designed and handmade with love, attention to detail and positive intentions for the wearer. 

Kalitheo Creations' intention is to create stunning Unique Handmade Fashion Jewellery for TODAYS' WOMAN!  at affordable prices. With the belief that all women should look and feel Beautiful and Glamorous at all time.

You are a Goddess.!! and You are Awesome!!


Kalitheo Creations offers the service of Made to Order pieces for your special occasions and unique style. 

Enjoy your stay always with love, Kali Theo xxx

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