Tiger Eye


Tiger Eye Gemstone

Self-discipline, Practicality, Protection, Grounding peacefulness, Clarity, Intelligence, Intuition & psychic powers, New experiences, Financial stability, Calmness, Release inhibitions, Integrity, Willpower, Prosperity.   Healing: heal wounds, bruises, colon, digestion, stomach problems, eyes, night vision, reduce pain, alcoholism, reproductive system.
Tiger Eye is a member of the Quartz family.
Tiger Eye is said that it can attract good fortune to the wearer. Tiger Eye is also known to heal  fear and suffering emotions, such as anxiety and unstable state of being, clouded and confused thoughts which bring a state of depression.
Enhancing Good luck, and drawing prosperity and money in ones life while it is also a protective stone. 
Tiger Eye has a strong power to draw the energy of money. It is said,  holding Tiger Eye towards a full moon and asking the moon to bless the stones so that money and prosperity become abundant in your life.
Disclaimer:  This information has been gathered from notes from various sources, and are only to assist you when purchasing jewellery with gemstones... Although we believe that all gemstones do carry energies that can assist your every day. We do not guarantee it....