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15% Pre Launch Sale! We Are Almost there!

 We will have a 15% pre launch Sale to help with your christmas shopping. Please Use Code ( Pre-Launch ) at check out.

Yay!! and wow! 

I am so excited the website is almost ready to launch, but a little displeased as it has taken so long and it is almost christmas and I did want to launch much earlier. After a lot of contemplating I have realized that I still need more time to add all the jewellery we have ready and create the gifts I would like to offer to my customers. 

Its funny and I have learned so much in creating this web site, Oh by the way I would love to hear what you like and also what you don't like, so I can make changes and make it a wonderful experience when you are strolling through Kalitheo. I know there is still a lot to learn before I can come close to perfecting it.

Also we will be adding beading kits, and some beads and components for the crafty you.

Other services:

( For Locals)

We will be holding workshop, (please let me know if you are interested) these will be starting next year, and they will be in small groups.

Repairs, that is one question that I get asked about all the time... I will be doing repairs,and you will be able wear your loved jewellery that you have been keeping in your drawer all this time. 

Have fun shopping and preparing for this wonderful season. xx



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