Blue Quartz


Blue quartz Gemstone 

Also Known as: Dumortierite Blue Quartz.

 Self-reliance, Mental clarity, Stamina, Patience, Recognition of potential, Understanding, Communication of ideas, Spiritual development. Healing: throat, thyroid, parathyroid, detoxification, over-stimulation, blood, spleen, hyperactivity, endocrine system.


Blue quartz also known as Blue Dumortierite quartz, are used for  balancing the throat chakra,, releasing fear, creating courage and self-reliance, they can help with  addictions and weight loss, also helps with spiritual development, and creative expression.
     Blue quartz can be used as  tranquillity stone.
    The dark shades enhancing respect and compassion in ourselves. Dark blue crystals are also known to build discretion and honour, thus  allowing us to learn humanity.
    Blue quartz crystal are soothing and stress-relief stones. Also assisting us in been able to reach out to others.




    Disclaimer: This information has been gathered from notes from various sources, and are only to assist you when purchasing jewellery with gemstones... Although we believe that all gemstones do carry energies that can assist your every day. We do not guarantee it...