Jade Gemstone  

Fidelity. Prosperity, Dreams, Love, Positivity, Realization of potential. Peace, Accord, Resourcefulness, Accomplishment, Emotional balance, Protection.
Healing: heart, illness, stomach, digestive system.
As an ancient stone, Jade has been known to be used to attract love. It increased nurturing and love.
Jade can promote money into your life,  By creating a positive attitude towards money. Visualizing yourself  using money in a creative and productive way while holding a Jade Gemstone in your hand. When confronted with an important business decision, hold Jade in your hand while contemplating your course of action. Jade is a prosperity stone. Jade is known to strengthen you mentally and assists in clear thinking.


Jade is also a protective stone, guarding against accidents and misfortune. It is said that if you place a  Jade stone between two burning candles in purple, allow the candles to burn for  a little while, you can create a protection amulet that you can carry with you. 

Although Jade is known to be in green tones it also comes in yellow. Yellow Jade is said to bring happiness and joy into your life, it also assists the digestive system.



Disclaimer: This information has been gathered from notes from various sources, and are only to assist you when purchasing jewellery with gemstones... Although we believe that all gemstones do carry energies that can assist your every day. We do not guarantee it...